Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2013 already?

Well damn. I guess I should actually post again in this blog.
I'll be using this far more frequently now for my art only, since my tumblr is yet again becoming more social than art and I'm OK with that.

A quick run down of what's happened:
  • I may or may not have improved at art, I'll let you make that decision on your own.
  • I am now tableing at conventions/anime and comic expos throughout the UK (I'll add a schedule up soon.)
  • I'm working on a comic which until I know I'm allowed to post things about, is on the downlow for now, just know it's coming.

So yup, busy busy! I'll post up a few pieces in a little while, some of it is fan art, others are doodles, sketches and studies.

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